Conferência:Taking an evolutionary approach to culture


24 janeiro

10h00 - Sala T2, Departamento de Arquitetura da Universidade de Coimbra



Conferência de Stephen Shennan a partir da abordagem desenvolvida no livro The Evolution of Cultural Diversity, de que foi editor.

Nota sobre o Livro: "There are a number of theoretical reasons to believe that cultural diversification might be tree-like, that is phylogenetic: material and non-material culture is clearly inherited by descendants, there is descent with modification, and languages appear to be hierarchically related. There are also a number of theoretical reasons to believe that cultural evolution is not tree-like: cultural inheritance is not Mendelian and can indeed be vertical, horizontal or oblique, evidence of borrowing abounds, cultures are not necessarily biological populations and can be transient and complex. (...) Contributors include archaeologists, anthropologists, evolutionary biologists and linguists, and this book will be of great interest to all those involved in these areas".


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