Conferência anual da Eurodoc – “Eurodoc 2013 – Europe’s Grand Societal Challenges: The role of Early Stage Researchers”


4-5 de abril de 2013

EURODOC 2013 annual conference will include four plenary sessions with distinguished speakers from various European, international and national institutions and organisations. The topics are as follows:

Plenary Session I: The EU 2020 Framework Programmes for Research and Sustainable Innovation

Plenary Session II: Sustainable society: new trends in research

Plenary Session III: Growing in a healthy environment: new trends in research

Plenary Sessions IV: Science, communication and social change

Three workshops will also be available.

The two last days are solely dedicated to EURODOC Annual General Meeting (AGM) where there will be the presentation of the Administrative Board's annual report, given by the President; the presentation of the financial report, including the accounts, given by the Treasurer; the ratification of decisions taken by the Administrative Board since the last General Meeting and the election of new a Governing Board and Secretariat.

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