Seminário - Building more 'cultural' sustainable communities


22 de janeiro de 2013, 18h00, Casa de Chá do Jardim da Sereia - Coimbra



Despite the growing movement to think about sustainability in a more holistic manner, and the emergence of a four pillar model of sustainability internationally (comprising environment responsibility, economic health, social equity, and cultural vitality), the inclusion of culture in public policy on sustainability is challenging. At the local level internationally, a multitude of regional and local initiatives to include culture in local sustainability planning and action reflect a paradigm-shift-in-process, progressively advancing through a wide range of varied and experimental initiatives, and rooted in a pervasive concern for grassroots public participation. How can local communities integrate cultural dimensions into local sustainability? How can more holistic visions of locality, incorporating cultural dimensions, help expand conceptions about ‘sustainable cities'? How can culture be positioned as an agent in community resiliency and transition? What pathways might be useful to integrate the arts (and broader cultural dimensions) in this work? What might be done in Coimbra?


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