Conferência Internacional “Face to Face. The transcendence of the arts in China and beyond”


3-5-abril 2013 

Faculdade de Belas-Artes - Universidade de Lisboa



Artistic Studies Research Centre (CIEBA)

Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Lisbon


Project Coordination

Rui Oliveira Lopes, PhD (CIEBA/FBAUL)

Fernando António Baptista Pereira, PhD (CIEBA/FBAUL)


About the Project

In 2013 it commemorates the 500th anniversary of the arrival of the Portuguese to the China Sea, initiating an ongoing dialogue, strengthened today under a series of protocols to economic, cultural, linguistic and artistic exchange established between China, Macau and Portugal.

The program for the Commemorations of the 500th anniversary of the arrival of the Portuguese to the China Sea and the Portuguese-Chinese relations, organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts, aims to develop a set of actions that highlight the artistic relations in the context of China's multicultural background as well as the dialogue of Chinese arts with the arts of other cultures, from the first contacts along the Silk Road up to the global perspectives on contemporary art. This project also as the intention to establishes protocols for cooperation and exchange in the field of art education and the arts.


Conference Description

Face to Face - The transcendence of the arts in china and beyond is a conference that will bring a wide range of new perspectives on the artistic styles changes of Chinese Arts, resulting from the artistic exchange and mutual interactions with the arts, styles and techniques of other cultures in China itself and beyond its cultural frontiers. Given to the long artistic traditions and the multicultural sediment of Chinese arts it is critical to present a selection of comparative perspectives on the legacy of other artistic traditions in the arts of China, from the Bronze Age to Modern-day, crossing through ceramics, metalwork, painting, sculpture, carving, prints, textiles, drama (theatre, opera, shadow puppetry and cinema), and performing arts (music and dance).

Our goals for the conference are to raise awareness of the artistic exchange and mutual influences between the Han Chinese arts and the arts from different cultural backgrounds in China itself, as well as beyond its geographical and cultural boundaries. We also aim to go through the issues on the construction of artistic identity and the balance between permeability and hegemony, tradition and innovation, convenience and misinterpretation.


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